"THE NOISE UNDER" is NeoNoir/Cyberpunk.
That means ultra-capitalistic dystopia with credible high tech.
It's about moral dirt.
It's about networks, biotech and cybernetics.
It's about raw and rusted aesthetic, not as an objective but as a consequence.
It's about escape and survival.
It's about do-it-yourself and recovery technology.
It's about necessity which knows no law, loneliness and death at every corner.
Unlike so much colourful-chromed-luminous cyberpunk RPGs,
"THE NOISE UNDER" is not cool.
It's bleak. It's rough.It's do-or-die.

You'll need to eat, to rest in safe places and to get healed. You'll have to equip yourself and get people to teach you how to do things (crafting, hacking systems...). The most of the time, you'll be paying for that (in-game currency).

The only way to make money? Dive into the underground economy! Rent out your skills, traffic and smuggle.

The heart of "THE NOISE UNDER" is what we call the adventures.
An adventure is an interactive fiction, as in pen and paper RPGs, with a strong storyline, great NPCs (some of them being recurring characters), goals and missions. It is one-shot or part of a series spanning several seasons (like tv programs).
In the backstreets and the cut throat bars of QAZ, the ultraprotected arcologies of YBERIS or the devasted land of REB and its buried research labs, survive is the only objective.

  • Open world: Your narrative experiences will make you explore the city-state of INE (about 100km2). Private interiors will be accessible according to your skills, the adventures you lived or you're living.
  • No guild system: Need a team? just hire team mates (NPCs or real players) or simply play with friends. Share the same narrative experience through the cooperative adventures which have been designed for that purpose.
  • No PVP, PVE modes: One world in which things happen (through adventures or not).
  • Persistent world: The world will constantly evolve. So be sure your character is in a safe place before disconnecting!


"THE NOISE UNDER" tends to get closer to real life tabletop RPGs sessions, so it's not based on physical reflexes. The main views (except the Hacking view) will be tactical tabletop inspired and the time management is turn-based during interactions and fights.

The visual tests we've made absolutely convinced us that the aesthetics and the NeoNoir/cyberpunk ambiance of "THE NOISE UNDER" (interiors, exteriors, characters) will be best rendered using hand-drawn technics.
In top of that, the game experience implies a big urban territory which narrates the city and offers a wide range of places, of characters, of situations to build exciting stories.
Doing this using 3D is not only much more expensive (5 to 6 times), but doesn't add to the most important: the adventures.
So, for those different reasons, "THE NOISE UNDER" will be fully 2D.

Technology: Even if the game views are heavily 2D, "THE NOISE UNDER" application will mainly rely on UNITY4, the fantastic game development framework.

Languages: From the first release, "THE NOISE UNDER" and all the adventures will be available in both English and French.

Hardware and O.S.: Windows, MacOsX, Linux, Android tablets, Ipad, thanks to UNITY4.