> I'm hesitant to put any money toward this because I can't find any information about your team.

We are "L'OMBRE", a small IT consulting and software engineering company from France.
"L'OMBRE" means "the shadow" in French.
Dan is the creator of "The Noise Under" and leader of the team (people like to say C.E.O.). He is a pen and paper RPG player, a great reader and addict of the best neo-noir/cyberpunk novel : "Neuromancer".

> Do you have any experienced game developers/designers/producers on your team?

We're mainly software engineers experienced at designing, operating high stressed distributed applications (mixing technologies from C to Web) in event-driven business environments.
"The Noise Under" is our first project in gaming industry.

> Will you be able to build a game?

Yes, definitively. A game is a software with particularities. You can find those particularities in:

  • Game Object management
  • UI management
  • FX management
  • Lighting management
  • Physics management
  • Pathfinding management
  • Sound management
  • Network management
To handle those particularities, specific to game development, we are using the game engine the most known in the industry: Unity 3D
It fits 90% of our needs.

> What about Digital Content such as Computer Graphic arts?

As said we're software engineers. So we will need to rely on suppliers for what is not (yet) part of "L'Ombre" competences. We've a great experience working with nearshore or offshore contractors. According to the way we planned the project, we're working as a tightened team to build a sample of the game limited to a small part of the world with game rules, UI, related graphic arts. After this step, the game art production will be outsourced to a digital art studio with a quality control on our side. We will follow the same scheme for music, sound and FX etc. We will keep the pure software parts in the internal team.

> Do you have any form of working prototype?

As a client/server system, "THE NOISE UNDER" consists mainly in 2 parts, a client side application responsible for what the player can see and hear, for registering its actions. A server side application responsible for world event management, story-telling and actions solving .
The only prototype we have is the server side application even if the design is done for the front side application. We focused on that because it was the most difficult task, from our point of view. Infortunately it is not visual.
We're currently making a visual proof of concept to show some gameplay features and 2D aesthetics. This proof of concept will be then used as an input for devs.

> Do you have any tech demo?

The only tech demo we can show is ...Unity 3D as it will be used to build the front end application.