Elementor #62

We had left multinationals become real financial behemoths. Greedy. Out of control.

The world was in a situation of failure. Politically, democratically, morally, socially… 

Pollution had increased to extreme levels. 

Fast-paced technological innovations and overpopulation had weakened states. A lot of them collapsed. 

Conflicts erupted. 

Nations against nations. People against people. 

To stem this chaos, the U.N. built artificial islands in international waters across the globe. Most of them, new eldorados, became autonomous. 

In the city-state of INE, QAZ concentrates disillusioned people who survive thanks to black markets for cybertechnology, sex and drugs while firms uses any mean to conquer new markets. 

As low-level mercs in this island where prevails an atmosphere of civil war and constant insecurity, 

What will you do to  >>

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